Janet Yoon Chang


Bachelor’s Degree
Industrial Engineering,
California State

Polytechnic University,
Pomona, USA

Master’s Degree
Construction Engineering, University of Cambridge.
Business Administration (MBA), Loyola Marymount University, LA, USA

PhD Degree
Engineering, University of Cambridge.


Host institution: University of Cambridge

Project Title: Lifecycle data management

Objectives: The main aim of the ESR is to develop a cloud-based process for defining data requirements for seamless transfer of asset data between supply chain partners. The specific objectives for the ESR will be to (i) to understand the requirements of asset management through academic study and secondments at asset management organisations; (ii) to learn about cloud technologies, BIM and the BSI PAS 1192 suite of standards; (iii) to develop a systematic process to identify and define through-life asset information requirements by working with CBIM partners and beneficiaries; (iv) to develop a tool that implements a cloud-based process for generating information requirements and validating the information collected; and (v) to demonstrate the tool in real industrial scenarios.

Expected Results: Guidelines and templates will be developed based on the BSI PAS 1192 suite of standards and will incorporate asset owners’ and managers’ needs considering whole-life asset management decisions and activities. This will then be used for developing a tool that automatically generates the Employers Information Requirements (EIR) and the Project Information Requirements (PIR) from the Asset Information Model. The cloud-based “closed-loop” tool will also enable proactive validation of the data to ensure that data transferred will meet the requirements of asset managers. The guidelines and templates will enable BIM and asset information solution providers to develop cloud-based tools that conform to the standards and meet the requirements of asset owners. This will remove one of the big barriers of widespread adoption of BIM because it will inspire confidence in asset owners that data collected and transferred will conform to their needs and will be easy to integrate with their systems.

Enrolment in Doctoral degree: University of Cambridge, PhD Engineering.

Advisor: Ajith Kumar Parlikad