About us

CBIM is a European Training Network in the area of Cloud-based Building Information Modelling.
Our ambition is to educate researchers in the development of a set of novel and
disruptive BIM technologies that will automate the generation and enrichment of digital twins,
improve the management, security and resilience of BIM-enabled processes, and boost the
industrial uptake of BIM across sectors and disciplines by training these researchers to valorise
and exploit their work. This new generation of researchers can play a key role in the widespread
implementation of BIM products and processes dedicated to digitising our built infrastructure
and managing our assets better to yield massive gains in sustainability, productivity and safety.

What we do

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​We develop advanced solutions to support the
widespread implementation of cloud-based
BIM products and processes, creating the link
with digital twins and determining the most
effective future explorations of our project




The primary goal of the CBIM project is to train
a network of new scientists. We provide BIM
schools, conferences and lectures to support
the outreach and dissemination of the
knowledge generated in our activities.



Our research areas



Interview with CBIM project coordinator Prof. Rafael Sacks