Klaudia Jaskula


Bachelor’s Degree
Architecture at Warsaw University of Technology

Master’s Degree
M.Eng in Landscape Architecture, Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of
Applied Sciences

M.A. in Architecture with focus on Integrated Building Technologies at Technical University of Munich

PhD Degree (Ongoing)
Construction Management, University College London


Host institution: University College London

Project Title: Blockchain-enabled CBIM for life-cycle data provenance

Objectives: To develop a framework for decentralised, immutable, secure, and transparent data streams across built assets’ lifecycle and increase operational effectiveness through the integration of CBIM with principles of blockchain technology. The explicit goals are: (i) Review existing legislative and regulatory information drivers surrounding BIM, blockchain and distributed ledger technologies in the built environment to formulate requirements for blockchain-enabled CBIM; (ii) Develop a methodology to code and implement smart contracts within the CBIM platform; (iii) Devise and implement blockchain-enabled CBIM strategies for facility management; (iv) Prototype, test, calibrate and validate the developed tools, through user engagement with facility managers and other relevant stakeholders, in the form of ‘living labs’.

Expected Results: The ESR will develop a methodology for ensuring data provenance during the handover from CBIM to facility management systems and throughout built assets’ lifecycle by authoring, incorporating and executing smart contracts based on principles of blockchain technology. This will safeguard the accountability chain throughout built assets’ elements and hence improve assets’ quality assurance and operational efficiency. The ESR will benefit from the facilities-management expertise of BAM, as well as training on programming smart contracts (University College London) and product and process modelling (Technion – Israel Institute of Technology and Technical University of Berlin).

Enrolment in Doctoral degree: University College London, PhD in Constr. Mgmnt. 

Advisor: Eleni Papadonikolaki