ESR 7 – Dimitris Mavrokapnidis

Host institution: University College London

Project Title: BIM Model enrichment for Energy Performance Simulation

Objectives: To devise, implement and test a method for enriching as-is building geometric data with energy performance data. The ESR will: (1) perform a gap analysis on current methodologies for automated generation of energy performance simulation models from BIM data; (2) devise and implement a method for semantically enriching BIM geometry such that it can be used for energy simulations through identification of 2nd-level space boundaries and neighbouring shading surfaces; (3) design and implement an extraction, transformation and loading component that maps BIM data to input data dictionaries of major energy performance simulation engines (e.g. the open source EnergyPlus engine); (4) develop methods to a posteriori characterise the quality of the generated simulation models.

Expected Results: A prototype implementation of a method for enriching as-is BIM data (as created in WP1) for energy performance simulation uses. The focus of the work will be on integration of thermal property and weather data, and data completeness checkers. Once the method is implemented it will be tested in data-sets generated by WP1. The work in this project is expected to address the problem of automated generation of energy performance simulation models.

Enrolment in Doctoral degree: University College London, PhD in Environmental Eng. 

Advisor: Dimitrios Rovas