Flavia De Andrade


Bachelor’s Degree
Electronic Engineering, Federal Technological University of Parana, Brazil

Master’s Degree
Smart Systems Integration at Heriot-Watt University, UK

Electrical Engineering at Budapest University of Technology and Economics, HU 

PhD Degree (Ongoing)
Mechanical Engineering, University College Dublin

flavia.deandradepereira@ucdconnect.ie ; flaand@cartif.es

Host institution: Fundacion CARTIF (during this period, quarterly stays at University College Dublin will be scheduled to facilitate the attainment of the PhD degree)

Project Title: BIM Enrichment for inclusion of Building Automation System information

Objectives: To map the data requirements between Building Automation System (BAS) standards, specifically LonTalk (ISO/IEC 14908) and BACnet (ISO 16484), and IFC-based BIM standards. To develop a prototype capable of automatic identification and linking, between BAS and BIM repositories. To test the prototype through application in two use cases: (i) configuration of analytics (for KPIs and Fault Detection Diagnostics (FDD)), and (ii) tuning supervisory-level controller parameters.

Expected Results: The ESR is expected to demonstrate the feasibility of methods and tools enabling the automated mapping from the BIM and BAS domains. The outcome will be a prototype that can be used for the automated configuration of continuous commissioning and advanced monitoring services. The work of this ESR is to provide core knowledge and tools for delivery of cloud-based BIM-based energy management services and empowers facility management to the realisation of the 6D and 7D BIM concept

Enrolment in Doctoral degree: University College Dublin, PhD Mech. Eng. 

Advisor: James O’Donnell