Jialei Ding


Bachelor’s Degree
Civil Engineering, University of Edinburgh

Master’s Degree
Transport, Imperial College London

PhD Degree (Ongoing)
Engineering, University of Cambridge


Host institution: LocLab Consulting

Project Title: Infrastructure digitisation and gamification

Objectives: To devise, implement and test a solution that produces virtual, usable 3D environments of infrastructure scenes with the assistance of videogrammetry. This will be achieved by exploiting WP1 digitisation methods in conjunction with gaming technology, such as the use of instances of objects out of a structured object library in the required LoD and mapped to open source data schemas (i.e. COBie). The generated ‘digital twins’ will possess characteristics typically found in games; this includes minimal data volumes with extremely low processing load, therefore very high operational performance and a stunningly realistic look and feel. The ESR will develop a market-ready approach and related business plans.

Expected Results: This research aims to use videogrammetric data to enhance the geometry produced by WP1 digitisation methods and make it photorealistic, with relevant meta-data. Based on a geo-infrastructure that needs to be implemented, the instancing application of a game engine can use these database elements on request and combine instances of them into object-based virtual 3D worlds. The graphical instance of the object must be linked with the relevant attributes and additional information through the geodatabase to control the scene graph.

Enrolment in Doctoral degree: University of Cambridge, PhD Engineering 

Advisor: Ioannis Brilakis