Nihan Sena Diren


Bachelor’s Degree
Civil Engineering, Dokuz Eylul University, Turkey  

Master’s Degree   
Construction Management, Yildiz Technical University, Turkey

PhD Degree (Ongoing)
Civil Engineering, Technical University of Berlin

Host institution: Technical University of Berlin

Project Title: Development of cloud-based work processes operating within distributed data environments

Objectives: The main task of this ESR will be the development of cloud-based work processes operating within distributed data environments. Working within cloud-based environments will require radically different approaches in developing software and in using software compared to current practice that by large still relies on desktop-based software. ESR10 will develop the process guidelines based on an international comparison of practices at partners in the UK and Germany (LOR, ARC, DEB). The results of this comparative development effort will then be matched with the advanced possibilities a cloud-based environment offers that will be developed together with project partner Fundacion CARTIF.

Expected Results: The ESR will provide process maps for the major use cases developed in the CBIM project together with a thorough evaluation of how the use cases can be improved using cloud-based BIM distributed data environment. Generalizable process patterns will be extracted to help establish similar cloud-based processes and infrastructure for a wide range of other civil engineering products. The workflows for specific civil engineering products will be established, verified, and validated on real-world projects: ARC will be providing information on bridge refurbishment projects, and DEB on train station refurbishment projects providing in depth demonstrations of the potential and benefits of CBIM practice.

Enrolment in Doctoral degree: Technical University of Berlin, PhD Civil Engineering

Advisor: Timo Hartmann