How to apply

How to apply


Each ESR candidate must first apply to the CBIM network by email (see below). The network will review all applications and refer appropriate candidates to the CBIM beneficiary organisations (universities or companies). The beneficiaries will continue the review process with their appointed candidates, including interviews and application for a PhD degree at the relevant university. Finally, beneficiaries will make employment offers to their chosen candidates.

To begin the process, please first read the descriptions of the ESR project topics that are part of the CBIM work packages, here. These topics are not firmly fixed, and they may change as we all learn more – they are intended as general guidance rather than precise descriptions of what your research may entail. Each topic has a sponsoring partner and an associated PhD university and thesis supervisor – these will not change.

Next, select three topics and rank them in order of preference.

Finally, write a letter of application addressed to Dr. Ilka May, CBIM recruitment coordinator, and Prof. Rafael Sacks, CBIM coordinator. Please send application letters in PDF format by email to Ms. Anat Avital at In your application, you should:

  • introduce yourself, explaining your motivation to join the CBIM network;
  • describe your previous research experience and your best research outputs to date;
  • list your three preferred topics, in order;
  • enclose an updated CV including prior education and all publications;
  • confirm that you meet the criteria for CBIM and for ESRs under the EU rules (here);
  • confirm that you meet the eligibility criteria for PhD enrolment at the university(ies) associated with your preferred topics (you can find more information at the graduate studies websites of each university).